Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast

Ryan is the only one who looked semi-natural in the wig Audrey got for her birthday. I love this picture because he hasn't reached the stage of being too cool to pose for a picture with a wig on.

Audrey's second birthday was a low-key affair with family and some out-of-town friends up from Orlando for a visit. They brought her a "Hair Salon" kit which was the cutest thing ever. Every famiy should have a wig!

The Sunday after the birthday my friend invited Audrey and me on an unexpected beach trip which was such an amazing indulgence! I loved every minute of it and even enjoyed the lack of cell and email reception at the beach house. It was a quiet, relaxing trip that gave me the gift of time to catch up and grow closer to a very good friend. I am thankful to Andrew for watching the boys and allowing me the chance to take off.

When I returned my sister was in town for a great but short visit. We got to stop off at several bookstores for her to sign her book which made me feel famous by association.

This week I hosted a few friends over for a lesson on making a handbag. It was fun but I neglected to get pictures to share with you all. Oh well, next time.

Today I am off to a Girls' Weekend in the mountains. Yes, I am a spoiled princess. No, I don't mind if you call me that out loud. Now you know why you aren't seeing great updates of sewing projects here! Summer vacation has arrived with a whoosh-bang and I am loving every minute of it.


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