Friday, June 5, 2009

You are TWO.

I know this is the most overused expression in parenting but that it because it is so true: THEY GROW UP SO FAST. This is my precious newborn baby. The girl I dreamed of for 33 years. How can it possibly be that she is two already? I cannot shop in the "baby" section of stores anymore. There is a big girl bed in her room now waiting for the crib to become a thing of the past in our house. It was only yesterday that my mom helped me pick out that crib for my 6.5 yr old when he was a new baby. Passing out of the "baby" stage of mothering is bittersweet.

This feisty girl is spoiled rotten. She is a mama's girl and I find it very hard to say no to her. She climbs up on the counter and says "see-all" which means she wants cereal. She gets a measuring cup out of the drawer and brings it to me wherever I am in the house as her way of saying "feed me". She eats all day long but is still the tiniest of my babies. She loves to say "stop", "wait", "peetz-zah", "belly", and "goosie" which is for our dog named Lucy. She calls her drink cup "Jew" whether it's juice or milk. She wakes up happy and goes to sleep talking to her baby dolls. She has a favorite blankie with a silky edge she likes to rub. She is a cuddler and will snuggle into even a stranger's neck.

She loves to swing and dance. She loves to try anything her brothers do including shooting Star Wars guns and waving around swords. She takes on a gruff deep voice when playing guns or cars which cracks us up. She is a wonder. She is a hoot. And she will always be "Baby Audrey" in our family. She is my dream come true and I am thrilled to celebrate her life today with utter thanks to the universe for sending her to complete our family.


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