Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Three Reasons

I am thrilled to start a new year.  There are lots of wonderful things to look forward to.  The most important ones are these:

Lately some people have been giving bloggers a hard time about including their "personal" lives on their blogs.  To that I give a big middle finger.  I feel like I have an extended family of friends all over the world because of the intimacy of online friendships.  If people didn't include personal bits in their online story, I would instead feel like I had an extended professional community around the world.  The difference between professional relationships and true friendships is the personal information we share:  vulnerability, failures in addition to successes, and the most personal reasons why we do the things we do.

These are my Three Reasons.


  1. Love it! I totally agree! I actually love how people mix the personal with the crafty and don't understand why others have such an issue with it.
    And those are three adorable reasons!

  2. I TOTALLY Agree! I think making them more personal is absolutely important! They are the ones we are crafting/quilting for, right?

    And your three reasons are FABULOUS!

  3. HA! Seriously, sometimes I unsubscribe to "good" quilty blogs because they are just too impersonal. Thanks for sharing your middle finger with all of us! ;)

  4. What, seriously? People are mouthing off about personal bits on blogs? But blogs ARE personal and you can write what you damn well like! You know what, we should all talk about our underwear on our blogs one day, see what they think of that! Would these be the same blogs that only post about their sponsors and guest blogger posts?!?

  5. I totally agree with you. And your three reasons are so cute!

  6. It's all about personal choice! Your children are beautiful and I'm glad you share them and love them as you do.
    Glad you were able to send off your blocks fro the Wonky house Block. I too was just at the deadline, so don't feel bad.
    I love your high rise block and lucky me, I am in your Group 4! Only one person left to send theirs in and then Jane can do her magic. I'm getting super anxious!


  7. Thanks for the kind remark regardign the technique I used on my Wonky houses. Boy was that block a learning curve. If you go to do this technique though there is something to be aware of and to consider when you stack your fabrics for cutting. I'd be happy to try to explain it if you are interested. Jane

  8. Hi! I've been following you on Instagram (I'm klassykara) and I'm super excited to read more on your blog. :)