Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Finishes!

Here are a few finishes from the last few months:

Drunkard's Path pattern called Ornate by Christina at SometimesCrafter

Fabric Buckets from a tutorial by Ashley at FilmInTheFridge.

Crazy baggy zipper pouch created from my own craziness for my friend LizInProgress.

Layer cake quilt using the tutorial 1+2 Easy Quilt Pattern by Samelia's Mum.
A minky doll quilt with matching pillow for a last-minute girl gift.

A Noodlehead 241 Tote for my sister Jenny's Christmas gift.

A Turning Twenty quilt for my sister Carrie's Christmas gift.


A Jewelry Book for my sister Carrie's birthday gift.
Most wonderful cutting table ever.  Using Cubeicals from Target & top from Ikea.

A total of six flannel holiday pillowcases for nephews, charity and friends.

ScrappyTripAlong quilt inspired by #scrappytripalong on Instagram.

Pezzy Quilt top based on the ones done by Crazymomquilts and Tinkerfrog.

Madrona Road MQG Challenge Quilt.

Repro fabrics Dresden Plate quilt top.  Still needs borders.
Ok, so there is the round-up from October through January.  Quick eye-candy that you've seen already if you follow me on Instagram.  Sometimes I feel really lazy so putting the finishes together in one place helps me realize just how much I've accomplished!  In addition to these, I also made bee blocks, quilted client quilts for holiday deadlines, folded laundry, ordered a new refigerator door handle, re-programmed the garage remote, did the dishes, cooked a few meals or a thousand, took kids to karate, swimming, chess, and the eye glasses place to replace broken frames.  Twice.  Fed the dog, cleaned up eaten Barbies, cleaned up colorful dog poop, cleaned up more eaten Barbies, and signed the dog up for Boot Camp.  Etc.  You know the drill. 
I hope the winter season has brought you as much joy as it has brought me.  There have been challenges but I always seem to find relaxation, inspiration and laughter through my sewing and especially my online sewing friends.  I am very excited to get together with several of you at The Stash Bash in April!