Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Completed Quilt!

Ok, well, it's not exactly 100% completed but the lap quilt I made for my mom's Breast Cancer Fundraiser is all done except for tacking the binding to the back. I went ahead and took pics of it since the sun was streaming in through the windows so nicely. I usually finish a project late at night when there is no good light to use for photos.

So this is a simple charm pack quilt made with April Cornell fabrics. I quilted it with free-motion loop-de-loop quilting which wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. It was very quick which caused me to make more mistakes than I'd like. I think I actually prefer stippling to the looping. We'll see.
Audrey is helping model the quilt like a good little helper. The backing is the same natural solid as the sashing. Probably from Joann's but I'm not sure of the exact color name. Not bright white, more of a cream.
It feels wonderful to post an actual quilt accomplishment on my quilting blog LOL. Now that we are into our third week of school, I actually feel like I can get some things completed again!


  1. I love that quilt! Clearly I'm an April Cornell fan. I'm so bidding to win :)

  2. It's a cute quilt! I'm working on finishing up my first FMQ lap quilt now. It was more of an arm workout than I thought - or maybe I just wasn't very relaxed!

  3. Hi Chris! I'm going to answer your question about serpentine stitch on my original blog post just in case anyone else is wondering the same thing, thanks for coming by my blog! And this quilt is super cute, I need to do the exact same thing with a bunch of charm packs that I have, but I just enjoy petting them so much that I hardly ever actually make a quilt with them! :)

  4. Chris,
    The quilt is lovely. It's a delight for me to see what you have done with the fabrics. I hope this raises lots of money for a very important cause.
    April Cornell

  5. beautiful quilt! i love it.
    you guessed right! I am so excited about our new addition. i will add your name for the giveaway~