Monday, April 13, 2009

Bloomers and Skunks

I just finished the bloomers that go with that kittycat dress.

Since they will be under the dress I didn't spend much time on them making sure patterns matched up etc. They'll do the job.

For those of you who make clothes for your kids, do you do the whole "eyeball how big they are" thing? When it comes time to cut the elastic for the leg openings and waist, I kind of wing it. I'm a slacker shortcutter by nature but didn't know if this was a usual practice among other moms or not. Anyway, I'd have The Princess model them but we all know how that would go...

In other kid news, Ryan was an adorable skunk in the school play and can be found on YouTube. It will be available for public viewing until I get the skeevie vibes or read a news story about online kid predators. In the mean time, enjoy the black and white furry kindergartner cuteness!

Finally, an updated pic of my design wall and Carrie's Scrap 9 Patch quilt progress. It's slow-going since I keep stopping to do other things but here it is. I just need to buy a better sashing color before I can move on to the next step. The color I got is too light.

So what's next? Oh, only my own favorite quilt project just for me! I am making (Carrie, block your ears, what I mean to say is I'm working tirelessly on Just.Your.Quilt.) a wonderful "Wee Play" quilt from the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. I'll do a seperate post about that tomorrow as I'm off to finish the tacos for dinner...


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