Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Far Far Away II Bolster Pillow

I ordered a yard of Heather Ross' gorgeous Far Far Away II Rapunzel fabric. I didn't have a plan for it other than making something for my daughter. And so it sat on my quilting table for a couple of weeks.

I realized last night, stupidly, that she has an uncovered bolster pillow on her bed that keeps her from falling between the bed and the wall. Voila! I'll make a cover for her bolster!

So here it is:

Yes, my pictures are terrible! It is cold and rainy outside so the indoor dim pic is all I could get.

Here is a closeup:

It's a little too long but I was more concerned with quick than perfect. I made a tube then turned the end hems in to make a tie channel. I made a length of bias tape (although straight, not on the bias) out of the fabric scrap and then sewn into a tie. I fed the bias tie through each channel to make a tie for each end.

It took less than an hour from start to finish.

We went to see Tangled in the theater on Sunday so the timing of this is perfect! Should I hide it until Christmas or just give it to her now?...



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