Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scenes from Christmas

Many of you know that I lost my stepfather, Doug, three days before Christmas.  He had late stage cancer and severe COPD but it was still awful and "sudden".  We had to make some terrible decisions the week before Christmas and say goodbye to a gentle and loving soul.  He passed away on the 22nd and his service was on the 27th.  This brought all of us together for Christmas.  My two sisters and their husbands along with my two stepbrothers and their wives.  And all the kids. Doug would have loved it!

We gathered at my mom's house in Greenville, SC.  More shocking than anything was the heavy snow that arrived on Christmas day.  My sisters' families and I actually stayed at my dad's house since my mom's house was full of other family.  My dad's house is on a mountain which made for an even more gorgeous snowfall.

My three kids are in red and green pjs.  The other three boys are my sister's.  They live in Minnesota so they were not impressed with our "blizzard".  You can only imagine how magical Christmas morning was with six children between the ages of 3 and 8!


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