Monday, January 31, 2011

February FINISH Challenge

Monday Confession Time.  I have a serious WIP problem happening here.  I have started a gazillion projects in the last few months and need to get some good solid finishes behind me.  Or as my husband would say, I need to get these monkeys off my back.

Here is a list of the quilt tops or partial quilt tops:
1) Glace' Squares Quilt (top is done, still need to make backing)
2) Fig Tree Cherry Delight Quilt (top is done and backing made)
3) Old Red Barn Co Quilt Along Quilt or as I call it The Christmas Quilt (needs sashing and backing)

Here are quilts that are cut and in various stages of piecing:
4) Luna Notte Nesting Circles Quilt
5) Mill House Inn HST Table Topper
6) Oh Fransson Mod Quilt Along Quilt
7) Wee Play Merry Go Round Hexagon Quilt

Yes, people.  It is THAT bad.  The only quilt that I'm not still excited about is the Oh Fransson one only because it uses super-traditional fabric that I don't love.  I originally picked it out thinking it was perfect for my mom but she has since told me she's "meh" about it.  Meanwhile, she purchased all different fabric for me to use in a quilt for her but I can't even bear to add that to the list.  It's not even a WIP yet!

All of the other quilts on this list are actual quilts that I am still excited about.  That's the good news :-)

So my challenge to myself is to finish a quilt per week for the month of February.  By the end of the month I should have at least half of my list knocked out.  My challenge is to also NOT START A NEW QUILT for the month of February.  I have stacks of gorgeous fabric staring me down begging to be made into something.  I need to ignore their Siren Songs for now.

Now, lest you think me a complete non-finisher, I have completed quite a few projects in the last six weeks.  These are: my Mom's Verna Quilt, my own Verna Quilt, my Scrappy Mug Rug, the Memory Quilt and the Jane Market Bag.  All of these projects can be seen on my Flickr page.

I have also been working on changing my domain name and Thomas from WayCoolKid is helping me with the design.  His talent as a designer is obvious and his help has been invaluable.  He is an exciting new talent in the fabric design industry.  Check him out if you haven't already!

So, are you ready to take the February Finish Challenge?  Do you have some WIPs that need a good kick in the pants to get them completed?  Please join me!


  1. Wow, only 7! I thought I was going to find someone that had me beat by a mile, but I have between 15-20 that I am trying to finish. As long as I can get the tops and backs done, then I am happy. Then hopefully I will have the money to get the big ones done by someone with a long arm machine. I am going to attempt the lap size quilts though myself. You can see my crazy projects over at my blog, and I keep starting new ones to help use up my stash. Hope you stop by over at