Monday, January 3, 2011

I love you but...

I'm ready for school to begin again.

(no, he doesn't have a head injury, he takes eye drops for vision improvement)

I hope you have had a wonderful vacation like we have.  If you're anything like me though, you're silently chanting "school, school, School, SCHOOL!!!!"  Only one more day left before my world goes back to it's nice routine.  I have loved all of the laughs, cuddles, new movies and toys, and time spent with sisters, cousins, parents.  I haven't loved the MINE, HE HIT ME, and FART that have been flowing willynilly around the house.  May your new year be happy, bright and fart free.  That's a special wish from me to you ;-)


  1. My boys go back to school tomorrow and I'm happy and sad about it at the same time.........and they seem to feel the same way. Sad to get back to work but happy to see their friends. I'll miss the free time with them :( but now I'll be able to get back to quilting. I'm glad you had a nice holiday break too :)