Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disaster Relief Goals out the ROOF!

For Japan With Love set out to raise $5500 for disaster relief.  As of right now, the total amount donated is almost TEN TIMES that amount!  $52,038.  OMG, what a generous community of bloggers and readers!  Thank you to all of you who have donated.  I first learned about Shelterbox from my sister Carrie.  To learn more about Shelterbox please click here

Imagine if you were involved in one of the disasters we've heard so much about on the news and you were able to receive one of their big green bins full of a large tent, blankets, water purification, tools, cooking implements, etc.  Even just having a tough, waterproof place to store what little belongings you saved from disaster would be a gift.

Stay tuned for an exciting Quilt-Along coming soon in over at Above All Fabric!  Melanie and I are working together on a simple, springy quilt perfect for a quick pick-me-up gift, a summer picnic, or just a reason to use those gorgeous Hullabaloo charm packs you've had your eye on :-)