Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It hurts to twirl.

Conversation from this morning with my 3 year old daughter:

ME: You have school today.
HER: Uh, my froat hurts.
ME: Ha! No it doesn't.
HER: My hand hurts.
ME: No it doesn't.
HER: My elbow hurts!
ME: No it doesn't.
HER: Yes it does, IT HURTS TO TWIRL!
ME:  Then don't twirl.
HER: {looks at me like I'm crazy}


  1. I feel her pain; life isn't fun when you can't twirl... LOL! Too cute.

  2. Man, she is one smart cookie!
    (P.S. You can't expect her to go to school if she can't twirl! :)

  3. She is too cute. My boys always ask if we are going to do a little or a lot of homeschool. When the answer is a lot they suddenly get sick.