Friday, June 24, 2011

Fig Tree Polka Dots & Summer Dress

As a Fig Tree Fanatic, I couldn't help but swoon over the Polka Dots & Summer dress pattern found here.

I used my Spring Street fabric by Carolyn Gavin which is so fun to look at.  I also love the fresh colors.

I am not a garment sewer by any stretch of the imagination.  I'm too much of a "just wing it" type sewer.  I'm going to switch now from saying sewer (which reads like a poo processing plant) to sewist (which sounds very posh).  So, as I was saying, my goal when putting together anything other than a quilt is to just do my best to follow the pattern and forgive the mistakes.  I wouldn't say I cut corners but I don't do my best to get it just right.  Instead I do my best to get it just done.

This turned out way less than perfect but way more than cute.

This last photo is to show you the vast discrepancy between the front length and the back length.  Completely my own fault for not reading the directions all the way through before beginning.  That's not usually like me!  I actually love reading directions.

She's wearing a tiny pair of white bike shorts underneath it so I don't need to worry about accidental flashing.

Just a note to those of you with monitors large enough to notice her red splotched feet:  her brothers lovingly shared some of their Sharpie marker love with her last night.  On a completely related note, SoftScrub actually took Sharpie off my wooden breakfast table!  Maybe I caught it soon enough but I was very pleasantly surprised (ie, desperately thanking the tiny baby Jesus).

Hope your summer is as fun as mine so far :-)  If you're within driving distance of the Atlanta area, please check out the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild Summer Retreat!  You do not need to be a member to attend and it is just a one day event.  Let me know if you have any questions.



  1. Oh, it's adorable (and I would never have noticed the discrepancy in the lengths!)

  2. So cute, you can see how proud she is of her new dress. :)