Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pure Joy

My friend Kerrianne took this fabulous picture of Andrew throwing Jamie in the pool this week. This photo is the very definition of this summer for us and I am thrilled to have it preserved in such a great way. Jamie met his Kindergarten teacher today and gets on the big yellow school bus for the first day of school on MONDAY, yes Monday! While it's not the end of summer here in Georgia, it is the end of summer vacation in our county.

With Andrew off of work, he has spent many hours throwing our kids and all kinds of neighbor kids in the pool. My kids don't even realize how lucky they are to have dad around so much. I hope the boys are both old enough to remember the summer of Six Flags, Whitewater, Edisto Beach with my family, Hilton Head Beach with Andrew's family, tons of fun at the pool, and lots of time with their dad.

I secretly look forward to a return to the school schedule, structure, progress, and time all to myself to sew...


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