Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scrap Nine Patch Completed!

I finally finished the Scrap Nine Patch for my sister Carrie (I am in pink shirt, Carrie is in blue). It wasn't really made from scraps. I used April Cornell's Poetry fabrics for the 9-patches and a light green fabric for the sashing. The backing fabric is another selection of the Poetry line and the binding is the cream polka dot from the same family. I really don't love the green sashing but I'm still in love with the backing and binding!
This is the first quilt that I have completed with free-motion quilting. I used a stipple pattern and it turned out much better than I expected! My hands still want to do a loop-de-loop pattern instead of the stipple so I might try that on my next one.
I wanted to share with you an easy way of managing your binding during the process of making it and attaching it. While I ironed it in half, I began rolling it around one of my small rulers:
Then when it was time to pin it to the quilt before sewing, I just unrolled it along the sides of my quilt. It kept it very well organized and pressed. In the past my binding has been in a pile at my feet as I'm working with it and it ends up getting creased and wrinkled, not to mention rolled over by my chair! This solution was simple, free, and quick.
I'd like to give a cyberThanks to Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts for putting together the quilt-along that finally spurred me into completing this quilt. I am very happy with it and can't wait to complete one for myself!


  1. I'm sitting under the quilt now (as I have done all day every day since I got it!). It's GORGEOUS and I totally love it. Thanks Chris!!