Friday, February 11, 2011

Basting Bastard

First off, let me update my February Finish Challenge for Week #2.

I finished the Michael Miller Funky Christmas top (otherwise known as the Old Red Barn Co Quilt-Along quilt).  Don't you love my quilt names?  Do you stand in awe at the creativity?  Gah!

I selected this quilt for my Week #2 finish because it is one of the oldest WIPs in my stack.  Once I finished the top, however, I realized I didn't have enough backing fabric.  For some reason I only purchased 2 yards when I needed 4.  So I'm off to the fabric store today to figure something out.  Am thinking about backing it with flannel.  Mmmmm...

Meanwhile, in an effort not to lose momentum, I basted another quilt top.  This one is my Glace' quilt.  It is kind of small but I love it.  These fabrics feel incredible.  I love, love love Moda's 3 Sisters fabrics.

The top was already finished and the backing was already pieced together (wahoo!) so I just needed to do the super-fun part of spending time on my hands and knees on a wooden floor poking myself with the pins.  Luckily I had my usual ever-helpful basting assistant:

You would think that quilt fabric had cat nip in it!  There is something about a basting-in-progress that gets Jax very excited.  He wants to stretch out on it.  Roll around on the fuzzy batting.  Eat the pins!  Or at least pick them out of the box and toy with them.  So I spend as much time managing him as I do actually pinning the quilt sandwich together.  High-maintenance but very sweet.

So the Glace quilt is now basted and ready to be quilted.  The Michael Miller top is done and ready to be backed and basted.

And my Joann coupons are next to my car keys and ready to be used.  You know you're in trouble when you have to make an actual shopping list for Joann's!  Green ric rac, cream and white zippers, hot pink embroidery thread, 4 yds backing fabric, Dresden Plate template if cheap enough, skinny pins to replace bent ones, etc etc.  Living out in the boonies means I have to save up my list until it's worth the 40 minute drive.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Hi Chris - it was good to meet you at the Guild meeting today. I'm looking forward to working with you!

    My cats also like to "help" when I am basting or sewing. I call it the Helper Cat phenomenon. I even have a stupid song that I sing about it (if no one else is around)

  2. Jax is very helpful!!
    ...and cute...