Friday, February 4, 2011

Late Night Quilting Fail

Many of you secretly enjoy seeing the dirty underbelly of real life quilting.  Yes, it's nice to see those blogs where everything is pristine and perfect, but then there is real life. 

Late last night I was quilting away on my Fig Tree quilt (this week's February Finish WIP).  Easy, straight line quilting with the walking foot.  So easy, I could just watch a little American Idol while I'm doing it.  Man, that Steven Tyler sure is a pleasant surprise this season isn't he?  Ooooh, that girl can sing.  Gee, that weirdo sure is weird.  You get the idea.  One part quilting, ten parts watching TV.

After I finished, I unfurled the quilt to admire my nice symmetrical quilting lines on the quilt back and found this:

Wait, what?  What the heck is that?
That is the sample Cathedral Windows block I made in my Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild class on Sunday. (Because I know you're wondering, the fabric in the window is Dena Designs Tea Garden.)  It must have gotten underneath my quilt while I was quilting.  It waves to me snidely like a little Fail Flag. 

So I went to bed.  I know better than to pick up the seam ripper in anger.  I didn't want to have to write a post about Seam Ripper Fail too...


  1. Too bad.....I've been there! Many times! LOL!! Thanks for sharing real quilting :) The cathedral window square is great. I've tried a few times to make a cathedral windows quilt, but I've never gotten very far. Are you planning on giving it a try?

  2. Been there, except it was the quilt backing and batting that had folded over and gotten stippled over.

    (I will admit that I laughed at "fail flag" snidely waving at you. But only because your writing is humorous - unsewing is no fun.)

  3. oh man! that is too funny! i mean, in retrospect...never when it's happening :)

  4. That is hilarious! Atleast you're smart enough to know when to take a break for hte Not so much. I've poked many holes in fabric while angrily trying to rip out a seam.