Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Quilter's Beginning

Alright, here we go. I love all of the quilting and craft blogs I've seen lately. They are superfabulous and so inspirational! To think that all of these fresh, new quilters are out there creating new, luscious work is just so exciting. In honor of all of these bloggers, I am going to share my work as well. I hope that you can find a morsel of inspiration from my blog the way I have found so much from yours!

I began quilting over 7 years ago while living in England. My husband's job transferred us there for two years shortly after our wedding. I was BORED to tears and tried all kinds of things to fill the time. I volunteered at the hospital, at a children's health clinic, at The American Women's Club, and I took up bowling. I had never bowled before but this women's bowling league met weekly at the nearby American military base. The only place around to get my husband his beloved Mtn. Dew!

On my bowling team was a woman named Cheryl. She was raising four outstanding children on a military budget and also created gorgeous quilts on the side. She offered to teach me what she knew about quilting and a new hobby was born. Cheryl moved back to the States and we lost touch. I have thought of her so often in these past 6 years while having my own children, creating my own family's home, and pursuing the craft of quilting.

Fast forward to today. I have stepped away from the sewing machine for several of these past 6 years. With three kids under the age of 6, it was too risky having the needles, pins, scissors, and rotary cutters out on the table. I pretended it didn't exist. Several months ago, my husband and I finished our basement. I now have a nice, expansive place to spread everything out and I have enjoyed getting to know my old fabric friends!

In support of this new awakening, my husband agreed to use part of our tax refund to purchase a new, fancy sewing machine. I have had it for less than 6 weeks and I haven't wanted to turn it off for a minute! I can't wait to share with you what I've been working on!


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