Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Dress

I have been working on a dress for The Princess and it's finally almost done. Excuse the wet spot on the left. I was trying to get out the marking spots and didn't wait for it to dry before taking the pic!
This pattern is Burda 9879. I've never sewn clothes before or used a pattern. It is very amateur but I'm happy with it!
Any ideas about how to fill the big white yoke? Monogram? Embroidery? I don't have an embroidery machine so what about hand stitchery of some kind? A sunshine? A saying? Applique?
I used a favorite fat quarter for the skirted part and had to use white for the yoke since I didn't have enough to do the entire dress in the blue and white fabric.
As soon as I can get her to "agree" to try it on, I'll post a picture. I have also been working on another dress with bloomers for her but am too chicken to do the buttons and buttonholes needed to finish it! My next clothing project will be Amandajean's dress pattern. It is similar to this but has easier straps since she added elastic to the top of the yoke. I'm lucky that my daughter is only slightly younger than hers! Keep the good ideas coming CrazyMomQuilts!


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