Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Honeycomb Smocking - DEELISH!

I have been drooling over many talented quilters' work for a while now and would like to start sharing some of my favorites. My alterior motive is to collect them all into one place so that I can strive to tackle making them one day.

One skill that has been lingering in my head for a while is the honeycomb smocking I first saw here. Unreal. I found a tutorial for it here. I don't know what the proper "rules" are for using other people's pictures so I won't. But I will use a "public" picture just to show you what honeycomb smocking is:

I know, right? How fabulous is this in terms of adding texture to a quilt block or anything for that matter. I found the honeycomb smocked quilt block by following one of my favorite quilt bloggers: Amandajean at CrazyMomQuilts. Amandajean herself made this block for the texture challenge. Seeing this creativity jump into 3D opens up my mind to start considering incorporating more artistic elements into my quilting.

Right now I have several projects in my queue to do before venturing out like this but I just wanted to let you know that these ideas are piling up and I am loving witnessing the quilting inspiration on the blogs! Thank you so much to all of you who take the time to share your work and especially your tutorials with us. I have a ton of them bookmarked and can't tell you how excited I am to try them soon. Keep blogging!


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