Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wish List - TO DO

There are so many quilts I want to make.

Colorful family tree applique.
Candy Bar Road with Charisma Fabric (bought and ready to start).
Schnibbles pattern with Mary Englebright fabric (bought and ready to start).
Sawtooth Stars quilt with Flag Day Farm fabric (bought and ready to start).
Are we seeing a pattern here?...
Oh, I guess I'd better stop typing and get to work quilting!

BTW, I am teaching a beginner quilting series on Thursday mornings for fun to some friends. They will be here in an hour and we're tackling measuring and rotary cutting today. I can't wait to see the fabrics everyone chose!


  1. My wish-list never ends! Like you, I need to stop typing and start sewing. Ha... wish us luck I guess!