Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WIP - Baby Quilt

I am helping host a baby shower this weekend for a dear old high school friend. She is expecting her first baby (a girl!) and I keep changing my mind about what to make for her. I finally settled on a lap quilt to use while she's rocking the baby in the nursery. I had purchased a kit from Quilt Taffy a while back and discovered it had the same April Cornell Poetry fabrics in it that I chose for Carrie's quilt. Instead of using the delicious pattern that came with it, I wanted to do something super-quick like a coin quilt in order to get it ready for this weekend!

Once I put it together last night I realized two things: 1) it was too long and skinny and 2) the white sashing needed a little pizazz. I added some fat borders to the sides to try and fatten it up and then cut some hearts out of the scraps to applique to the sashing. So much for quick, huh?
Any suggestions on the top/bottom border (if any) or other applique ideas? I haven't done the applique yet, only pinned it on.


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