Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kate's Wedding Napkins

No, I don't know Kate. But she shares my love of the quilter's blogging community and I would love to help her tackle her 80 napkin goal before her summer wedding. Go on over to Kate's blog and check out her project. It's a nice, easy way to pay it forward!

This is a prime example of what is so magical about blogging. Bringing together strangers who share a passion and giving us a way to learn from each other and help each other. One other example of that this week is Oh Fransson's quilt-along tutorial.

Elizabeth at Oh Fransson has been sharing a greatly detailed Quilt-Along which is more like How To Quilt From Beginning To End. This tutorial is fantastic! Not only are her pictures and descriptions nicely done, she has also showed us how choosing a different fabric palette makes such a difference in your finished project. My favorite part is the most recent part, the Free-Motion Quilting tutorial. I crave more detailed tutorials of free-motion quilting in hopes that after reading enough of how everyone does it I might one day have the guts to tackle it. Seriously, I know I just need to make my quilt sandwich practice pieces but I'm terrified I might be awful at it.

Oh Fransson, Crazy Mom Quilts, and Handmade by Alissa are some of my favorite places to go and drool over free-motion quilts. One day I hope I grow up to be any of these quilters!

I am sorry to say I missed the Atlanta area Shop Hop this weekend. I had big plans to drive around visiting as many quilt shops as possible but in the end my too-tight budget kept me home. I knew that if I stepped foot into any of those luscious places, my money would have taken wing and flocked en mass from the depths of my purse and stimulated too much of our economy. My apologies to the Atlanta area quilt shops for my lack of patronage. I hope to be there next year with bells on and a fat wallet. Surely I can find a Sugar Daddy (sorry Andrew...)or win the lottery by then :-)


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