Friday, March 27, 2009

Scrap Giveaway at Film In The Fridge!

Go on over to Ashley's site for a great scrap giveaway! She is organizing her stash and ready to purge her castoffs.

Her giveaway started two thoughts in my head. The first is wondering if we ever get around to using all of those scraps we save. That is something I wonder about EVERY SINGLE TIME I chuck a scrap in my scrap box! I wonder. I wonder if I'll ever use it. What would I use it for? What pattern is it big enough for? Will I have the confidence to pair it with other scrap choices to come up with a selection of fabrics that work together?

That brings up my second thought. I thought about how little confidence I have in using scraps for the sole reason that they weren't picked out to go together. What if they don't look good together in the finished quilt? What if I put all of this work into a scrap quilt and when I'm done there is a whole patch of disgusting choices that nags at me every time I look at it?

I have certain colors that are very scarce in my stash. I am not drawn to oranges or purples for example. In Ashley's recent post about her improv blocks, she mentioned adding just a splash of a third color to make the rest of the block really pop. I would never have thought of it but just look what a difference it makes!

So my thoughts this week are turned to scraps, color coordination, and stepping out of your color comfort zone.

I am off to make a baby lovie/minkee for a baby shower tomorrow!


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