Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am an IDIOT.

Ok, so, remember that lovie I was making for that baby shower? Uh, yeah. I showed up yesterday at 1pm at the home of the hostess. That's funny, there are no cars here. Wait, check the address, yes, this is the right house...

Knock on the door, see the kids come to the door in their pjs. Why would they be wearing their pjs when they are helping host their aunt's baby shower today? Then the hostess (did I mention she is a complete stranger?) answers the door in her tennis tshirt. Hi, I'm here for Marianne's shower? Well, the shower is APRIL 25. What month are we in now? March.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am so on top of things that I showed up for the baby shower A MONTH EARLY. You read that right, an ENTIRE MONTH EARLY. Impressive, huh?

So let's add that to the little tidbit I didn't share last week about forgetting to get my friend's son off the bus for her. He walked home to a locked empty house IN THE RAIN. And he's 6 years old. Luckily my friend called 10 min later to make sure I had him. Andrew ran to get him and all turned out fine. My friend didn't disown me but I would have understood if she had.

What is the deal? I joke about my Diet Coke addiction causing serious chronic bad memory but this is ridiculous. Anyone out there have any suggestions about improving memory function? Please for the love of God, don't suggest I give up my diet coke...


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